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NEBRASKA should have put casinos in years ago. They can get relief from property taxes and help our education system. Get smart and keep the money here not Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota. Let’s get smart

Sandy Busch / Facebook Review

Nebraska is losing millions and millions of dollars in taxes ever since Aksarben closed down. Most people go to Council Bluffs or Las Vegas to gamble on the horses and the slot machines. Our Nebraska politicians have missed the boat on almost every chance to improve our tax base for the last 40 years. I’m ready to move out of state!

Ron Bradrick / Facebook Review

I feel we should have built a few casinos 30 yrs ago. Nebraska has been giving away gambling revenue to Iowa for decades. I’ve been waiting tables and bartending for a lot of years. I wait on businessmen, Berkshire Hathaway people, college world series people and they all say the same thing, they wish there was a little more to do here when they come here. I feel a few hotel/casino resorts between Omaha and Lincoln would bring in a lot of revenue from out of towners to both cities. Out of town money is the best money, it gives tax relief to residents. That’s my opinion.

Ann Morong / Facebook Review

it will give more jobs to our state as well as entertainment.

Diane Dugan / Facebook Review

Perfect answer to property tax relief.

Darrell Schulte / Facebook Review

Supporting local business is important for all of us to prosper and have a vibrant community.

Tom Farrell / Facebook Review